Community Responsive Wellness Program

Community Responsive Wellness Program

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We offer crisis-responsive, culturally informed therapeutic services to individuals of minority communities impacted by serious mental illness and trauma, with a special focus on the African American/Black Community.

As of Friday, June 7, 2024, our client interest form for crisis-responsive therapy was temporarily paused. We are committed to reopening with high-quality therapeutic services in Fall 2024. We continue to offer culturally responsive mental wellness services through our partner organizations. If you are seeking crisis-related therapeutic services or have questions about the program, please email us at

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please go to your nearest hospital or call 911.

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Connecting Sacramento’s Black communities with the care they need to thrive

Get to know our trusted community-based organizations providing preventative, restorative and responsive wellness services

The Community Responsive Wellness Program improves the health and wellness of Black communities in Sacramento through increased agency, awareness and connectedness to local mental health care. Our partners are trusted community organizations providing culturally responsive mental health and wellness services. Click to learn more about them below.

As partners in the network, community-based organizations receive:

  • Holistic wellness support
  • Coordination with community outreach and mental health awareness events
  • Restorative group sessions to process experiences around implementation

Community partner activities are responsive to the needs of the communities they serve.

Black joy, health and resilience

The Community Responsive Wellness Program (CRWP) Model

Improving the health and wellness of Black communities in Sacramento through increased agency, awareness and connectedness to local mental health care.

Program Structure Essentials

  • Trusted community organizations
  • Black mental health practitioners
  • Organizing network hub
  • Intergenerational community

Preventive, Restorative and Responsive Community Engagement

  • Culturally rooted mentoring
  • Healing circles
  • Case management
  • Re-entry support for people formerly incarcerated
  • School-based support for students
  • Referrals to free therapy sessions with Black mental health practitioners

Measures of Success

Black community members have:

  • Increased access to, and use of, culturally responsive mental health and wellness services
  • More safe physical, social, and emotional spaces

Service providers (e.g., clinicians, therapists, public agency staff) have:

  • An understanding of the ongoing and historical impacts of systemic anti-Blackness, and the community’s resulting health and wellness needs.

Guiding Principles

Affirmation Compassion Wholeness  Collaboration

We believe the Community Responsive Wellness Program (CRWP) can help revitalize a healthy Black community in Sacramento.

We collaborate with mental health services providers and community organizations who understand and address the mental health and wellness needs of Sacramento’s Black communities. We do this through education about mental health needs and wellness, supporting access to culturally responsive services, building capacity of mental health service providers, and more. Learn more about us here.